'Tis The Season - Summer

With the solstice ushering in summer tomorrow it was already evident at the Dance workshop. All our young dancers are out of school, ready for a few weeks to celebrate the summer season and maybe dance at some of the many Pow wows that have already started. Spirits were high and bright smiles all around, life is good. It was great to see so many families and some that haven’t been able to attend class in a while including those with challenging health issues. Our continued prayers for them as well. New families introduced themselves and added to the celebration.

Through Gina's raffle donation and Jennifer's coordination of the food, we enjoyed a great meal. Thanks to them and all who brought a side dish to share. Our many items in the drawing were great to start off summer and tickets went fast and smiles and bubbles all around.


With so many new and young dancers coming to the circle, most of our focus is on the basic steps and dance styles. Our Instructor Chuck always takes an opportunity for refining dance skills or dance protocol to our dancers. Before the song finishes they are often already part of the dance circle. Once they learn the basic steps they can join in with greater confidence. Our Singers are always there to sing songs to carry on our traditions in the circle. Thanks to all who come and participate and help our children grow. We see it in each Workshop and looking back when our dancers were younger we see the continuity of culture that is maintained. Aho.


We danced 'til dusk had fallen around us and finished with a Round Dance. This is a little more than half the circle and we look forward to the next time. Our next date at Pepper Grove is July 3 and hope to see you there!

Checking back on some of the memorable evenings at Pepper Grove, we gathered on the solstice date of June 19 in 2013. Revisit that gathering Here!

Summer Dance Practice Schedule
June 5 & 19
July 3 & 17
August 7 & 21
We will be at Pepper Grove, in Balboa Park 6pm to dark (8:30ish)
Potluck dinner
Bring your dancing ?? feet & your best moves !

  Local pow wows are shuffling into place over the next five months. See: AISource Calendar


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