Soaring Eagle Summer Workshop

By Roy Cook

Our Soaring Eagle summer dance workshop is June 19, 2013 and is held in Pepper tree grove, Balboa Park. The food was good and the weather pleasant for dancing. This evening was a fine reflection of the devotion and dedication of our Soaring Eagle parents, volunteers, Indian Education staff, dance instructor, Chuck Cadotte and mentors. Contact: the SDUSD Indian Education program coordinator: Connie Greybull at 619-293-4427. Tonight she and Teddy Fisher, Parent Committee President introduced the Parent Committee members.
Chair Estelle Fisher, Vice Chair Jennifer Garcia, Sec Diane Williams, Parent Rep Ann Koll, Community Rep Chuck Cadotte,
Elder Advisor Randy Edmonds, Soaring Eagles Rep Vickie Gambala.

The Green River singers: Terry Hensley and Richard DeCrane sang an honor for Kianna Maillot Davis and her achievements in the educational world and employment. Preceding workshop activities included the blessing by Randy Edmonds also announcements of upcoming pow wow events and recognition of the Soaring Eagle youth that received hair roaches and jingle cones. Workshop songs were also sung by the San Diego Inter-Tribal singers: Ben Nance, William Buchanan and Roy Cook

The Soaring Eagle youth program is all about the children. This quality of dedication was evident in the initiative, joy, pride of tribal identity and participation from beginning to end of the parents and children of the Soaring Eagles. For Soaring Eagle contact, presentations or information call Vickie Gambala at 619-266-2887 and

Thank you all for being there this summer solstice evening for the Indian children. It is all good, Mehan and Aho.