Soaring Eagles Under Venus Nights

This March evening is typical Soaring Eagles tradition because we can see new families participating and the seeds of our Indian music, dance, respect and spirituality being introduced to new sets of families and very young dancers. We are empowered by the reception and pow wow trails traveled by past youth and parents in the Soaring Eagle experience. Tonight we also recognized the contributions of Women to our families, community, nations and world without which we wouldn't exist. Thanks to all who shared and spoke. Aho! Chuck gave our blessing for the meal. We remember several of our members and families who are struggling with health issues and hope they are back with us soon. Elders first.

Our hearts and the primary goal of the Soaring Eagle program are always the children. This dance workshops' enthusiasm and quality is evident in the initiative, joy, pride of tribal identity and participation in the songs and dance categories.


There are many Pow wow doings coming up in our San Diego community these next three months. Our Soaring Eagles are being selected for responsible Head staff positions at these events. We have watched very young new dancers and others as they learn and grow up. The girls now have their shawls and the boys use the dance sticks and hoops to gesture their moves. Many thanks to Rick who made and brought in new practice fans especially for the Jingle dancers to practice with. They look great and the dancers really appreciated them. Come to a local event and see for yourself.


Parent and friends participation are very important to the social aspect of the program success. Remember to bring a potluck item or side dish for the Soaring Eagles dance workshop evening feast. It is our Traditional Indian way to practice hospitality and generosity when we invite all to attend an Indian gathering and share the meal with the whole community. San Diego Unified School District, SDUSD, Ballard Parent Center, 2375 Congress St. San Diego, CA 92110.

Dancers came into the circle to finish out our evening with a great set of Round Dances. We look forward to our next gathering for Community Night. Check the Calendar at for 7/24 Pow wow dates.

For more information regarding the SOARING EAGLES please contact:
Vickie Gambala 619-266-2887
Jennifer Garcia 619-540-4688
Carla Tourville 619-743-9847