Soaring Eagles at January Community Night

Our first scheduled Soaring Eagles Workshop was 'blessed" by heavy rain welcoming in the New Year. Tonight we all shared in the Community Night Event as wells the Workshop. To start off the evening we reviewed the participation of Soaring Eagles in two parades, The Balloon Parade and the MLK Parade. Our dancers brought home the 2nd place Trophy in the Youth category of the MLK Parade. Congratulations and Thank you to all the participants, helpers and supporters. Aho.

We have an opportunity to share aspects of culture with the community and contribute recipes for traditional Indian foods. Everyone gave it consideration and during the brainstorming session came up with a great list of menus. The plan is to use them and test out recipes that can be followed to cook these traditional foods and share them with the community. We look forward to some good eats in the future.

This was followed by a presentation from the Native youth program We R Urban Art Exhibit and Show. Feb 19. Call 619 531-1938

Finally we had a traditional story presented by Randy Edmonds from the Kiowa tribe on their origins. He also spoke to the importance of the oral tradition in providing 'the people' with their history and origins, a practice that's taken place since the beginning. Thanks for sharing it with us.

Thanks to Johnny Hood, for offering our blessing for the gathering and the food. He also asked the Creator for harmony and peace in the New Year. Our meal was provided by the SDAIHC and potluck contributions from SE families. Aho.

By example, pictures will demonstrate views of our instructor, elders, parents and new and young Soaring Eagle dancers from the 1/27/16 Soaring Eagle Dance workshop and Community Night at the SDUSD Ballard center in Old Town San Diego. The Ballard Center location is in Old Town: San Diego Unified School District, SDUSD at Ballard Parent Center 2375 Congress St. San Diego, CA 92110.

Dates - Soaring Eagles - Feb 3 & 24

Cuyamaca College Pow wow - Feb 6

For more information regarding the SOARING EAGLES please contact:

Vickie Gambala 619-266-2887

Jennifer Garcia 619-540-4688

Carla Tourville 619-743-9847

Finally, we feel very good that there is again, with this first month of the New Year, a spirit of enthusiasm, harmony and balance. These are qualities that we will look and strive toward in the 2016 pow wow dance circle.