Soaring Eagles at Community Night

By Roy Cook, Vickie Gambala

This May 29, 2013, six in the evening the Soaring Eagle workshop is sharing with the American Indian clinic the community night presentations. The San Diego symphony small ensemble with Leyla Zamora presented a violin selection of classic music.


Tonight our resident drum is Green River. They brought out the songs for the dancers in Regalia or street clothes. Bells, dance sticks and fans are the visible cultural catalyst for our dancers on the dance floor. In attendance are: SD symphony board member, Abel ‘Running Grunion’ Silvas, the San Diego Alumni association with Henry Mendibles and Preston Chipps, Randy Edmonds and Bonnie along with Vickie Gambala and Chuck Cadotte and our representative from the SDUSD Indian Education program coordinator: Connie Greybull at 619-293-4427.

It is our Traditional Indian way to practice hospitality and generosity when we invite all to attend the next Indian gathering and share the meal with the whole community. Our next dance workshop meeting will be an appreciation of many of our Indian children moving forward on the education trail to the future. San Diego Unified School District, SDUSD, Ballard Parent Center, 2375 Congress St. San Diego, CA 92110. Our focus for the Soaring Eagle program is constantly and always will be the Native American children.

For Soaring Eagle contact, presentations or information call Vickie Gambala, 619-266-2887 also