Fast Time at the Soaring Eagles

Clock Time jumped forward and the Community Night and Soaring Eagle workshop, March 22, is jumping with new families and growing students. Many Elders and friends from the community were able to join in this community gathering with lots of smiles and hugs all around. Randy offered our blessing for the food and reminded us that Soaring Eagles and the gatherings is and always will be about our Indian children.

The evenings presentations included an art activity about community followed by a review of the history and effects of the ICWA by Kiana. It was very informative and reminded us of what we've gone through and hope for change in the future. Karen also updated the group about the continuing efforts so that our children can exercise their rights of expression and tribal identity at graduations and other events in their lives. We thank them for bringing these to our attention. Aho!

Enjoy these pictures of all our Soaring Eagles in the circle once again. It's always encouraging to see our older dancers and parents helping to teach by example.


The smiles and good feelings of being together and experiencing our cultural gatherings continued through the evening. Outside we received more blessings of rain showers as a set of round dances brought our community night to a close. Great memories for all of us as to how it was at Soaring Eagles. See you all next time.

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