Switching Things Up

Our circle started to fill up quickly as we began to gather again for another summer Workshop at Pepper Grove. It's always good to gather on Indian land and practice our traditions with the children and families. Many stories were shared about the good times of summer with travel and camps and visiting family far away. Chuck gathered all together for the blessing of the food and life and the many gifts from the Creator. Two kinds of Albondigas were steaming and ready along with spaghetti, fruit and finger veggies. Thanks to all who brought something to share.

As the dancing began several of our young men had the chance to sit in at the drum and grow in that part of the pow wow tradition. They sang until it was their turn to dance. They have a little better access when the drum is on the edge of the circle and because some of the singers are away, they can really help out and be part of the singing.

As you may notice in the pictures, something changed about our dancers. They looked different and danced different.

At the upcoming Barona Pow wow they often hold a Switch Dance contest - a time where dancers switch regalia across traditional gender lines and dance in the style of the new regalia. To prepare our dancers for that possibility, we held a Switch Dance session of our own. The girls got a chance to look through the stick basket and select hoops and sticks and tie on a set of bells to complete the regalia. Boys picked out shawls and had to decide to fold over the arm in traditional Southern fashion or break out the steps of fancy shawl dancers. They must have been watching each other through past sessions because they seemed to have the basics of the other dance style down pretty good! They took challenge serious to dance well but smiles all around from the dancers and the audience.

Another favorite at the Pow wows, like Barona, is the Two Step where it's girls choice and couples dancing. The Owl Dance is similar so we did one of both. Lots of fancy steps to follow along with. A fine time for All! A Singers choice of a Crow Hop followed, then we closed out with a Round Dance. Hope to see you All at the next doings!

Summer Dance Practice Schedule
June 5 & 19
July 3 & 17
August 7 & 21
We will be at Pepper Grove, in Balboa Park 6pm to dark (8:30ish)
Potluck dinner
Bring your dancing ?? feet & your best moves !

  Local pow wows are shuffling into place over the next five months. See: AISource Calendar


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