Strong Traditions In Our Summer Circle

Under overcast skies, life is good and gathering the Soaring Eagle Community together on this Summer Solstice evening is the best. It's always a blessing to the group when our Elders can be with us, as it was tonight. Randy and Vicki are part of the founders of the Soaring Eagle Program. They carry the traditions and experience in the Circle and of our Tribal Community. It's good to gather on Indian land and be together in this Traditional way. Randy offered the blessing for our meal of fried chicken, salad, macaroni salad, melons, etc, etc. Elders first. Thanks to the Community Night organizers for our meal and the extra potluck dishes brought in.

Larry Edmonds of the SDAIYC shared upcoming dates and activities of the Youth Center and had a calendar and fliers for the upcoming activities ongoing this summer. Click the link to see more.

Richard called upon TQ, one of our young Soaring Eagle dancers, to share the background and tradition behind the Chicken Dance. The Prairie Chicken is a bird common to most of the plains area. In this story a warrior is out hunting and sees this group of Prairie Chickens. They seem to all be gathered together making them easy to hunt so he kills one. The spirit of the bird follows the hunter back to his camp and appears to him asking why did you kill me? Now you have brought hardship to the flock and broken up my family. I'm going to curse you and your family and things will be very hard for you from now on. The hunter said he was sorry and only trying to get food for the hunter's family. The Prairie Chicken thought about it and said he would withdraw the curse if all the people would remember and honor the Chicken with a special style of dance and songs. They were also to show respect for the food they received and give thanks for all the things they had in life.

Tonight's activity brought everyone into the circle for the Chicken story experience. The inner circle were all the young men who had to dance and show their 'style' and hopefully be chosen by a young woman circling on the outside. Smiles all around and it was just 'flirting' to be sure! Again, celebrating life here at the Summer Solstice and being thankful for our many blessings.

Richard shared some background on the program Circles of Care that tries to address the stated needs of the Community. It's a self directing program and he asked all members of the community to contribute thoughts and needs.

Our Instructor Chuck always takes an opportunity for refining dance skills or dance protocol to our dancers. We continue to provide basic instruction for the new and younger dancers. Once they learn the basic steps they can join in with greater confidence. Our Singers are always there to sing songs to carry on our traditions in the circle. Thanks to all who come and participate and help our children grow. Aho.

The overcast skies brought the evening early but still there was a celebration, cake and a song for Thunder. We finished with a Northern style Round Dance with birthday words to close the evening. See you all after the 4th of July.

 Many up-coming dates for Soaring Eagle presentation events. Contact Carla if you have regalia and can participate.

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