The "Last Dance" . . . . . Before Summer

We're finishing out May squeezing in another great Workshop. It's always good to gather in this Traditional way. We welcomed again our new families and even some who have returned to the San Diego area. Chuck shared recent news of the Pow wows and of those coming up soon. He shared a traditional story with everyone and plans for each family to bring a story from their traditions to share in the summer Workshops. After the blessing, it was Elders first!

Several young dancers placed in contests this last weekend at the UC Riverside Pow wow. Congratulations to them all and it was good to see them at the workshop continuing to grow and helping the newer dancers with their moves. Thank you also to the parents who helped and supported the children by coming out and dancing. Teaching by showing is one of our traditional ways.

Each week we focus on the different dance styles and learn the basics of several styles. Tonight it was the finer points, like hands on the waist and fans up, in the Jingle Dress style. Several of our older, experienced dancers were in the circle tonight perhaps getting ready for the pow wows coming up or just enjoying the last workshop of the season at the Ballard Center location.


The Workshop moves to Pepper Grove in Balboa Park on June 5th. With the longer evenings of the summer season we practice outdoors getting ready to dance at some of the many Pow wows that have already started. Tonight spirits were high and bright smiles all around, life is good.

 Local pow wows are shuffling into place over the next five months. See: AISource Calendar


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