Community Night & Soaring Eagles Make the Most of 'Short & Sweet' February

Gathering on the last possible evening in the month everyone seemed to have the same idea and show up for the good times and the chance to be together as Indian People. The stars this evening were the San Diego Intertribal Youth Council. Their enthusiasm spread everywhere and made us proud of our Indian youth, the future looks bright for us all. Healthy eating and recipes to prepare many native foods was the menu of tonight presentation. After laughs and learning through an interactive of '20 Questions' they offered all a copy of the book they produced, Young, Indigenous, and Healthy. Lots of effort, consultation with Elders and talents went into its preparation. Many thanks to all involved. Aho!! Get yours!

Our dance circle was filled tonight for the Workshop portion of the evening. Our dancers were filled with enthusiasm as well. All seemed ready to get sticks and shawls and fans and move it. All our new and young dancers seem to be finding their place in the circle and the older dancers are helping to show them the way.

Each week there seems to be a new face among the parents and adults coming to dance and support our children as they learn theses Indian ways at Soaring Eagles. Our thanks to Chuck, our mentors and parents and our Singers who bring the songs and these traditions to the circle.

It may have been a little shorter evening of dancing but no shortage of hot songs from the Singers. They always 'bring it' for our dancers and giving Soaring Eagles their pow wow best. We are blessed! We finished out the evening and the month and a great time with a Round Dance. A circle within a circle to fit us all in, the smiles too. Hope to see you at the next one!


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