Soaring Eagles Dance Out February

Gathering on almost the last possible evening in the month everyone seemed to have the same idea and show up for the good times and the chance to be together as Indian People. We appreciate the rain even though we had to cancel our last Workshop. Chuck gathered the young people together to start our evening and offer a Blessing for the meal and our Soaring Eagle Families. Even the youngest seemed to remember the 'Elders first' finish.

Our dancers were filled with enthusiasm. All seemed ready to get sticks and shawls and fans and move it. All our new and young dancers seem to be finding their place in the circle and the older dancers are helping to show them the way. Many of the upcoming Pow wows were announced and can be found posted on the Facebook page or at the On-Line Calendar

Thanks to all our singers, dance mentors and parents for their continued support and encouragement to the young dancers. The workshop is also a time to practice and learn other dance styles like Jingle, Shawl or Traditional.

Chuck does a fine job showing and encouraging our dancers in the special elements of the different dance styles. From the traditional elements of the sneak up or a reminder to spin during the Fancy Shawl. All the dancers have gained confidence in their skills and place in the circle.

It may have been a little shorter month of dancing but there's never a shortage of hot songs from the Singers. They always 'bring it' for our dancers and giving Soaring Eagles their pow wow best. We are blessed! We finished out the evening and the month and a great time with a Round Dance.

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