Circles Together

What a great evening at the Soaring Eagles workshop. Not one but two special family members were with us. Leland and his family all the way from Canada. Leland is an accomplished singer and dancer who came often when the Soaring Eagles were first getting started. Manny Mendivil was also down from the LA/Orange County area. He is a respected Veteran, Gourd dancer and Elder and it's always great to have him join us.
Leland is an original Green River Singer so the singing started early to utilize being together to the fullest. Chuck offered the blessing for our meal and then the songs kept coming. Tonight was one of those occasions when Soaring Eagles dance together in two locations. Pictures show the dancing in two places at the same time, all Soaring Eagles together.

Despite a lighter turn out this evening it's always good to dance and practice together. We had great singers and songs that made us want to dance. It puts smiles on the faces of Elders and parents in the room because our children are dancing from the heart and enjoying themselves. They're showing they'll be there to carry on these traditions.

Once again our thanks to our dance instructor Chuck Cadotte for drawing on his experience in the dance circle to teach and encourage our dancers. Aho

We came together again to finish our evening with a Round Dance with smiles all around both dance circles.

From both circles, Mira Costa College’s Learning Center for Native American month and Ballard Center, safe travels for all and we look forward to next time we dance together. Living Our Tribal traditions. Aho

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