Traditions Continue at Soaring Eagles

Lots of 'New' going on this week at the Soaring Eagles Dance practice in the Santa Fe Room @ Balboa Park. We had several new dancers and families show up, Welcome! A new singer at the drum - eager to learn the basics in a respectful way. A new routine on the evening with the dancing starting first at about 6:00 then eating afterward and six new shawls for the young girls made up by Carrie Gloria. Thank you! The great start in the new location continues.

Enjoy these pictures that show the attention given to learning the basic steps for both girls and boys. Everyone was also getting individual help with improving and learning their dance style as well as the basics of all the styles.

We started out with some stretching exercises then a couple laps around the grass area in front before starting on the finer points and basic steps. There was a few practice rounds before our Singers brought in the music.

Randy and Vicki were both with us again and Randy led the blessing for our meal. Hot grilled cheese sandwiches with tomato soup and chicken vegetable soup were the main attractions. Several plates had at least a couple sandwiches so it was obviously a hit. A good fall meal to enjoy all around.
We all had a great time sharing and being together in our Indian community. It makes us feel good in our hearts that the Soaring Eagles has the foundation and commitment of so many to be there and endure. Thanks again to all who helped make that possible and we hope to see you at the next Soaring Eagles Workshop.

Soaring Eagles meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month from 6-8pm in the Santa Fe Room - 2144 Pan American Rd. San Diego CA 92101 Easy to get to and lots of parking! See you Oct 24th.

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Melisa Aleman or Larry Edmonds @ 619-234-1352 E-Mail

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