Dancing Is Strong As the Season Eases Along

As the fall season eases its way along it was all smiles and a full house at the Soaring Eagles workshop night at Ballard Center. We welcomed two new families to the circle and it seems every time we've gathered since the middle of summer new families have joined us. It is heartening that they continue to come as we share in the traditions of our Tribal culture.

Our spirituality is always part of us and at gatherings we bring our children together to help us express that and offer a blessing for the meal. The pot luck meal response is community empowerment in action. It is very important, without outside organization support for the food, to remember to bring a potluck item or side dish for the Soaring Eagles evening feast. It is our Indian way to share with the whole community.


The song was not a 'charging song' but that didn't keep our young dancers from showing their enthusiasm. Sticks, bells, shawls, fans and strong hearts, it's all there. After the first song, where all the dancers joined in, we separated into the usual groups so as to not only have more room but also to allow opportunity to focus on the steps and fine points of the dance styles. Thanks to Chuck and our experienced mentors and parents for their continued support.

It's easy to see a sense of pride, confidence and self worth in our dancers. We all experience that coming together as Indian people and living our traditions. Seeing these carried on to the young ones feels good too.


The new dancers are picking up the basics quick. Chuck does a great job motivating and they follow his dance tips, spin, spin, spin, or sticks up to salute when you hear the honor beats!

Everyone joined in the Round Dance to finish the evening and it took two shots to show all the dancers, smiles and all.

In our 'after class' segment we see our dancers demonstrating their commitment to learning and practicing their traditions. We appreciate and take pride in our Soaring Eagle Dancers and to all the parents and mentors that support them Thank You! Aho!


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