Soaring Eagles Make a Good Start At Community Night

The Soaring Eagles finish the start to the New Year with our Community Night Gathering and Dance Workshop. San Diego American Indian Health Youth Center hosted the evening and gave a great presentation and interactive activity on Unity in the Community. A community circle was created with lots of volunteers and everyone helped weave a web to show how we are all connected and important in the community regardless of our age or role. It takes us all to be healthy and function together. We all come from many Tribes and traditions and together we can support each other, our families and Tribal community. Lots of laughs and smiles being together. Aho!

We are still seeing Indian families returning to the Soaring Eagle dance workshop after the Holidays. We are very glad to see them return and again welcome our new families too! The Indian Dance workshop is from 6-8:30 pm. with fellowship and stories to tell. The smiles say the most!

We had some great songs brought out tonight and the dancers really showed their appreciation. There were some great 'moves' brought out and young dancers worked to practice and develop skill and style. Those moments sure make it all worth it. Thanks again to our singers, mentors and parents for the support and encouragement.


Our next local Pow wow is Feb 3 @ Cuyamaca College. Time: 10:00 AM - 08:00 PM
Location: Cuyamaca College B Building Quad For Flier Click here

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