Workshop Summer Jam Session

Our summer dance experience at Pepper Grove in Balboa Park came a little early this year. It's always good to dance on the grass of Mother Earth and some showed up with bare feet ready! The weather felt more like spring with heavy overcast and a little edge to the breeze that drifted up from the canyon. A jacket or even a hoodie felt good. The skillet of fajitas, pots of rice and refried beans and a kilo of corn tortillas awaited our families to arrive.

Singers were among the first to arrive so things were looking good for a great evening. The sky is usually filled with passing jetliners but our own flying saucers filled the air too. After a blessing, the line formed quickly and that kilo began to shrink fast.

We had singers and songs and sticks and shawls and fans and spirit. The singers jammed out a dozen or more songs for our group of dancers. It was a little different format to the workshop with one song after the other. One young dancer put down her fan and got a cookie and before she could finish another song was on the air.

There were specialty songs in the mix as well. Crow Hop, Sneak up, Duck and Dive. One of the dancers gave his chair to a singer but it didn't matter because they never sat down. Near the end a young dancer of 3 1/2 seemed to just kneel down to rest but he was actually thinking ahead and asked his Dad and the singers to 'sing a kneeling song', and another sneak-up was 'on the air'. After finishing a song the singers might try a few lead lines amongst themselves then decide which one to bring out.

Everyone seemed to be connected, a very special time. Usually the dancing wraps up by 8 because of night fall but it was long past that. Finally our dance instructor dropped his stick in the basket and said "That's it, I'm done!" We finished out with a Round Dance. What a great start to the summer.

Summer Dance Practice Schedule
June 5 & 19
July 3 & 17
August 7 & 21
We will be at Pepper Grove, in Balboa Park 6pm to dark (8:30ish)
Potluck dinner
Bring your dancing ?? feet & your best moves !

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