The Workshop Works

The Health Clinic opened up the evening with getting every body up for 'Just move it' time. Simon Says did it again, got 'em up and moving and Thinking and enjoying themselves with a little exercise. It didn't last long for some as the 'Simon Says' part had them sit down. A core group, who lasted 'til the end, received applause for staying sharp and not being fooled.

This was followed by some announcements and fliers about upcoming youth activities, mainly the "Togetherness for Success" day featuring Mikela Jones(Little river Paiute) for ages 10 - 24 on June 13 from 9:30 am to 3:30 pm @ Marina Village, 1936 Quivira Way, San Diego. More Info from Ruthie Inacay @ (619)531-1938.

After a blessing, our evening meal was once again a potluck with the core being roasted chicken and pizza provided by the Clinic as it was a Community Night. This was rounded out with fried rice, macaroni salad, green salads, veggie tray, and good watermelon. Thanks to all who brought food to share, and carrying on these tribal traditions.

Our special guest and presentation tonight was Moses 'Hootie' Whitecloud on Ancestry. Hootie reminded us that it's customary to introduce yourself by including 'where you're from'. This is more than saying I'm from Alpine or Oklahoma but telling what tribe(s), band, clan or reservation you're from, your 'Ancestry '. He also spoke to knowing who you are by knowing the stories handed down by grandparents, aunts and uncles and elders in your community about the history and ways of your people. He said this is an oral tradition and can't be understood or found in a book. Both the young and the elders need to find ways to take time to be together to share these histories and have them past on.

It's also good if they can be shared in the native language, as even a little bit reminds them of where they come from. Thank you Moses for providing the Soaring Eagle community with this background, Aho.

We have sooo many eager young dancers it's good to glimpse the future for our Indian people. The whole focus of the Soaring Eagles program is our native children and we're proud of them all. They each were demonstrating tonight 'who they are'.

We took a short break in the dancing to recognize 6 birthdays. Yes 6, it's a real celebration. There were 'hand size' cup cakes to be shared and donuts too. Then back to the dancing. Thanks to the singers for some great songs.

We hope to see you at our upcoming workshops: June 10 & 24
Then it's off to Pepper Grover in Balboa Park for the summer program.

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Looking forward to next month, some dates from the American Indian Source Events calendar - 7/24 on the Web

JUNE 14 & 15
San Luis Rey Pow wow
Mission San Luis Rey Grounds
4050 Mission Ave
Oceanside, CA
Click Here for Flier

June 20 & 21
Pow wow By the Sea
Gourd Dance 11 - 12 both days Grand Entry 12:00
Click Here for Flier

San Pasqual Gathering
Bird singing and Peon
Kunyaaw Path
Valley Center, CA
Click Here for Flier

Annual Ipai Tipai Matayuum
Sycuan's Annual Traditional Gathering!
Click Here for Flier