Balboa Park Beckons Soaring Eagles

By Roy Cook

The late afternoon shaded, green grass with cooling breezes called the community to gather in the traditional circle. The Soaring Eagle youth program is always about the children. After an August 27, 2014 warm afternoon, the summer gathering held in the Pepper Tree Grove of Balboa Park for the last time this summer is most welcome.

Announcements and prayers for all our community were provided by Honored elder Randy Edmonds. After the bountiful and nutritious meal provided by the American Indian Health Clinic and served by the Garcia family. New Medical and community workers were introduced to the community.


We continue to enjoy quality singing by our volunteer tribal singers. Chuck Cadotte encouraged and instructed the dancers in the various popular styles of pow wow dance.

This evening is unique because we can see the seeds of our Indian music, dance, respect and spirituality being introduced to new sets of families and very young dancers. We are empowered by the reception and pow wow trails traveled by past youth and parents in the Soaring Eagle experience. The Jacome family daughter and former Soaring Eagle graduate Monica is attending USD and is to be crowned as the Barona Pow wow princess this year. We can all share in our children’s pride of culture and dancers achievements.

To finish off the workshop, a final set of the popular round dance songs brought out most of the parents and children into the dance circle to finish out the night. We will meet next in Old Town at the Ballard Center.

In the excitement we had almost forgotten the favorite donuts. They were held tightly in little fists and big smiles for the ride home tonight, Aho.