Soaring Eagle Last Balboa Park Experience

By Roy Cook and Vickie Gambala

The Soaring Eagle youth program is all about the children and tonight, 8/28/13, was the last meeting held in the Pepper tree Grove of Balboa Park for the summer. This evening is unique and in a traditional tribal context, it was in four segments. The Rincon Tribal Indian Health Council spoke on the seriousness of the dangers from Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. Additionally, the Tobacco awareness program under SCAIR shared that tobacco message with the Soaring Eagle audience. Earlier in the evening the SDSU Alumni group met to develop: information packets, recruitment strategy and service to the Urban Indian community. Fourth, the Soaring Eagle youth program is all about the children. This quality of dedication was evident in the initiative, joy, pride of tribal identity and participation from beginning to end of the parents and children of the Soaring Eagles.

Our resident elder, Randy Edmonds announced families that had recently lost loved ones and ask all to join in with the evening blessing of the food, our relations and those in harm’s way in the military. Both Randy and Vicky Gambala are always available to share their experience and knowledge of POW wow protocol. They both agree on the need the need of each participant to demonstrate personal integrity. Additionally each youth or prospective dancer need to contact their Tribal elders, learn their tribal ways first and conduct themselves in a respectful manner.

Tonight the San Diego Inter-tribal singers: Ben Nance, William Buchanan, Eli Serrano and I enjoyed singing our songs for the benefit of the Soaring Eagles and all attending tonight. (Happy Birthday to Terry H.)

For Soaring Eagle contact, presentations or for more dance workshop information please call Vickie Gambala at 619 266-2887 and/or 619-306-7318 and

Thank you all for being there this beautiful summer evening for the Indian children. If we keep the children in mind it will continue to be good, Mehan, abhoigeith-ahpi’i and Aho.