Soaring Eagles Come Into the Circle

Our last gathering in May was a Community Night combined with the Soaring Eagle Workshop. On these nights, usually once a month, the SDAIHC sponsors our meal and we have a chance to learn about things to help our families and ourselves. Tonight we had several presentations. Perse previewed the new SDAIHC web page. Looks great and full of familiar faces too. The presentation also updated us on the SDAIH Youth Center and the many activities and programs they offer in support of our children, our future. "Stop by and see what's new at both SDAIHC and SDAIH Youth Center .

Randy Edmonds offered the blessing for our meal and for all of us gathered there and our families. He asked the creator to be with and comfort those who are sick and who have suffered a lose at this time. He also spoke to our responsibility as adults to guide and teach our children by example in the way we live our lives. The children are always watching and learning from us. That way we will pass on those traditional values and practices so that our Indian ways will endure. Aho

The shawls and sticks are out. Make some choices and it's into the circle. Enthusiasm and smiles all around.


Our youngest dancers with only a few weeks experience are already 'stepping out' on their own. We are filled with pride. Soaring Eagles has and always will be about the children. We thank all our singers, mentors, parents for their continued continued support.


We hope to see you at our upcoming workshop on June 8.

 For more information regarding the SOARING EAGLES please contact:

Vickie Gambala 619-266-2887

Jennifer Garcia 619-540-4688

Carla Tourville 619-743-9847

A look at the Pow wow Calendar, lots of possibilities.

MAY 27, 2 8 & 29
UC Riverside Pow wow
Riverside Sports Complex
1000 W.Blaine St. Riverside, CA 92507
Click here for Info

JUNE 11 & 12
San Luis Rey Pow wow
Sat 9am - 11pm Sun 9am - 6pm
San Luis Rey Mission Grounds
4050 Mission Ave
Oceanside, CA
Click here for Flier

JUNE 18 & 19
Pow wow by the Sea
Sat 11 - dusk Sun 11 - 7
Pier Plaza
Imperial Beach, CA
Click here for Flier

JULY 15, 16 &17
Moor Park Children of Many Colors Pow wow
7075 Campus Rd
Moorpark, CA 93021
Click here for Flier