November Nights SE Dance Workshop

By John Hood/Roy Cook

We hope you enjoy the images of the emerging transformation of our enthusiastic Soaring Eagle dancers from the November 12th Soaring Eagle Dance workshop at the SDUSD Ballard center in Old Town San Diego. We recognize and thank John Hood for his observations and written account of this past Soaring Eagle workshop.

The American Indian "Soaring Eagles Dance Troupe" gathered sparingly but cohesively for the dance session. Our singers and the drum staged songs for the dancers. Jennifer Garcia and family provided pasta dinner for Eagles' families, their second dinner, for those that needed additional servings. Dinner, food and company is the ensemble for gatherings where pleasantries and friendship is devoured for laughter or concerns. Our small community is compelled to engage in cultural traditions with songs and dances for the children, very therapeutic stroking for their academics and social disposition. The younger the children…patience is applied to distill conformity and process; community nurturing is their gift as they progress toward understanding and purpose. Yet young to grasp acculturation but their visual acuity becomes a learned habit and protocols established to have respect and tolerance.

The beauty is when they enter the Pow Wow arenas and a joy to watch; they've embellish our guidances and pride soars for our children. The dance sessions does produce effective and positive visibility for our culture as they preform in various venues; notably during a renowned Spiritual Leader visit to San Diego, our Eagles preformed for the Dali Lama a few years back.

This week we remembered our Veterans; their sacrificial commitment to defend the Homeland; freedom is never free, a thousands lives took pride and honor so we can walk this beauty land. Our veterans are the essence of our culture; American Indians implemented songs and dances to shelter their warriors for their utmost devotion to protect and preserve their land and culture. They given the honor to start the Pow Wows with Gourd Dancing in all our Pow Wows; a powerful vision of patriotism and acknowledgement of their presence.

The flight of our Soaring Eagles will someday follow the paths of of our warriors; have leadership values in all avenues of society, corporate industries, businesses, science and technology, etc. They will look back and remember the past; gather wisdom and knowledge as they continue their journey; in the Circle of Life. The songs and dances will be in the wind as the sun light pours down; on every door for acceptance.

Mr. Randy Edmonds graced us with his presence and his wife Bonnie, Vickie Gambala in lighter spirit, John Hood anointed for the invocation, "TheDrum" had visitors coming in from the hallway with interest while the dance sessions proceeded with intense desires.


The Ballard Center location is in Old Town: San Diego Unified School District, SDUSD at Ballard Parent Center 2375 Congress St. San Diego, CA 92110.

For more information regarding the SOARING EAGLES please contact:

Vickie Gambala 619-266-2887

Jennifer Garcia 619-540-4688

Carla Tourville 619-743-9847

This Soaring Eagle dance workshop continues to encourage the continuity of our tribal cultures and is bound up in the wisdom lessons of traditional life. This month of November is the National recognition of Native American month. It is also a good time to review dance regalia and adjust for growth or wear in anticipation of the next pow wow season. All my relations, aho.