Soaring Eagles Summer Dance Circle

The People began to gather at a familiar summer spot. They began to form the circle once again and find a comfortable place around it. The children on their own began to form another circle within. Some had gathered here before while others were new but the smiles becond them in. They too all found a place and were transformed into ducks. Round and round one went circling the others, 'duck duck duck .....' Parents and grandparents watched and slipped back to earlier times and circles of friends and were perhaps reborn just a little. The evening had just barely gotten started.


This summer evening was a bit overcast and cool, almost like good weather for those ducks. Our evening got underway with a short presentation and survey for tribal families. Randy then called upon each of us to speak to the Creator in our own way to help him out with the blessing. The Creator hears all of us in any language and we're told if you know any of your native language to say a few words with it to the Creator. 'Elders first' for the food. Thanks to All who shared some potluck.


We took some special time to support two young dancers and their families before starting the dancing. Soaring Eagles have made it a point to support all the children who come to learn and participate in the Pow wow tradition. These girls have their dresses and have been dancing at several local events through the year. They have shown themselves and their families to be serious about their participation and so were gifted feather fans and small eagles feathers for their hair. Each time they dance they are learning to carry themselves with grace and pride. They make us all proud.

The Soaring Eagles ounce again gather to carry on their tradition of dancing through the summer on Indian land. We take advantage of the opportunity to gather outdoors during the summer season, that time when schools take a break and the evenings are usually long and warm and we can gather as a family and share a meal together and the children can enjoy being together following Indian ways on Indian land. The area we meet at has supported Tribal people for thousands of years. Local Kumeyaay have had village sites along these canyons and mesas forever. We appreciate the opportunity to join them here again.

We especially like to thank our tireless dance instructor Chuck Cadotte for his attention to all our children and to our singers for inspiring them with songs. All these folks give of themselves, their knowledge and experience for our Indian children, for our future. Spin, spin, spin ...

As dusk began to deepen we form another circle and finished up with some Round Dance songs. See you all next time.

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As of July 8, 2015 we are going to be moving to a new location in order to continue the powwow dance workshops. We hope that you will find it easy to get to and I hope all the new SOARING EAGLES families enjoy our new location. We will continue with a Potluck Dinner before the class.

Pepper Grove –Balboa Park

This park is located on Park Boulevard across from the Balboa Park Activity Center, just south of the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. Take Hwy 163 South to Park Blvd Exit. Turn left at Park Blvd and park to the south of the Science Center. There is also limited street parking available as well.

July 8 - Soaring Eagles Powwow Workshop
July 22 - Community Night and - Soaring Eagles Powwow Workshop
August 12 - Soaring Eagles Powwow Workshop
August 26 - Community Night and - Soaring Eagles Powwow Workshop

6:00 pm Sign In & Introduction, Opening Prayer - Randy Edmonds
6:15 pm Potluck Dinner
6:45 pm Powwow Dance Practice – Chuck Cadotte - Drum Green River
8:30 pm Closing – Have a Safe Trip Home

For more information regarding the SOARING EAGLES please contact:

Vickie Gambala 619-266-2887

Jennifer Garcia 619-540-4688

Carla Tourville 619-743-9847