Soaring Eagles - A Good Evening for Dancing

This evening's Soaring Eagle workshop is sharing with the American Indian Clinic the community night presentations.Tonight informative materials were shared about wellness and diet and living with and preventing diabetes. Hand outs were also circulated so we can be reminded and review the things offered to the group. Being a Community Night the Clinic also hosted the main portion of our Potluck meal. We thank them and all who brought something to share for their generosity. After the blessing by Chuck the line formed quickly after the Elders.
There is a beautiful group of Soaring Eagle children dancing tonight and the summer weather is cooler for dancing harder this evening. The Soaring Eagle youth program is all about the children and is held in the Pepper tree grove of Balboa Park. The Potluck dinner is followed by powwow dance practice until an 8:30pm closing.

Once again the songs and the drum wash over us and surround us in the traditions of Tribal people.Young dancers hurry to strap on bells and fold shawls in preparation. Most of the shawls are one size fits all so they need a little folding and adjustment for the younger dancers but this is all part of the experience. All are eager to dance.

Chuck Cadotte, as always, encouraged and instructed the dancers in the various popular styles of pow wow dance. With pow wows and events coming up next month and for the remainder of the summer, he helped and guided several dancers in the finer points.

You can't tell by looking but one of our dancers moved into the Double Digits. Tiffany is 10 years old and showing two open hands to answer the old question. Happy Birthday!!. And Thanks to Teresa for the great picts tonight!!

We can all share in the feelings of satisfaction from seeing our young dancers developing a sense of identity and self worth from the time spent in the Traditional circle, living and learning traditional ways. They show us each time we gather that these traditional ways will have a place in their lives and these ways will be carried on. The Creator has blessed and enriched us all. Mehan, Aho.

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South Bayfront Pow wow
Marina View Park - West "J" St Chula Vista, CA
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