Soaring Eagles Ready for the Season - Pow wow Season

This April 12th Wednesday night most of our positive Soaring Eagle dance workshop elements of support were there for the benefit of the children: Elders, Guests, Singers, dance mentors along with community announcements, food and folks ready to have a good time doing this thing for the children.

Tonight we again welcomed Senior celebrity and cultural treasure Saginaw Grant to the workshop. He and Manny joined us, I think they kinda like this gathering. Saginaw delivered the blessing for the food and asked for prayers for those in need of compassion and a kind word. He reminded us all that it costs us nothing to offer a prayer or greeting to those around us and to the Creator for the blessings of life. For dinner there was roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, rice, beans, mac & cheese, and salad. Later on we had cake to celebrate all those with birthdays in April. They all introduced themselves and included 'the number'. If we missed yours we'll try again at Community Night!


Chuck Cadotte (dance instructor) took the class back to the basics powwow 101. He instructed our two groups in not only the basic steps but the more advanced steps and moves. It was very nice to see this, seeing older ones mentor the younger ones. Kids were having fun. Old and young enjoyed taking a turn around the middle of the dance floor tonight. Class was relaxed and enjoyable.

We welcomed the chance to recognize our pride in the effort and participation of our young Soaring Eagle Dancers at a recent presentation for the Native American Indian Child Welfare Conference in Rincon. Aho.

We're looking forward to SDSU Pow wow on the APR 22 Click here for Flier
For the many Pow wows this time of year check out the CALENDAR by clicking here.

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