Soaring Eagle Back at Ballard

It's the season of the harvest full moons and the Soaring Eagle dance workshop for Sept. 14, 2016 is back at Ballard Parent Center in Old Town. We invite you to bring your children and family to learn by observation and participation, a traditional way. Come on down for the pow wow dance, music and also enjoy the friendship of the gatherings.

After the Pala, Barona and Sycuan pow wows we feel that many San Diego American Indian pow wow trails lead to the Old Town location and the Soaring Eagles. Many of our young dancers served in Head Staff positions at the events and we are proud to see our young dancers give back to the community and follow the traditions they learned, in part, at Soaring Eagles.

Tonight special dance instruction was given in the Chicken Dance style. Our instructor demonstrated the basic and finer points of this dance style and our singers sang appropriate songs. Several of our dancers are already becoming accomplished in this style and our younger dancers are eager to get the basics started. Thank you Chuck and Singers for this opportunity.

Several Southern style songs were sung and our young women had the chance to demonstrate the grace and presence to the younger dancers. It was also great to see some of our original Soaring Eagle dancers in the circle again. Thanks for giving back. Aho.

We finished out our return to Ballard with a popular set of Round Dances. It's good to see a big circle of eager young dancers dancing from the heart throughout the evening. Everyone was glad to see old friends and families gather once again after the summer. Also, remember to bring a potluck item or side dish for the Soaring Eagles evening feast. Everyone is welcome to attend the dance workshop. The Indian children are our future.

For more information regarding the SOARING EAGLES please contact:

Vickie Gambala 619-266-2887

Jennifer Garcia 619-540-4688

Carla Tourville 619-743-9847