Soaring Eagles Workshop and Community Night

A strong turnout of families filled the room early for the April 26th Soaring Eagles Program and Community Night presentations. The tables looked a little like parking spaces as they were set at an angle for more space. Our evening started with a blessing by Randy before our meal of roasted chicken whole mashed potatoes, salads, pizza and fruit. Potluck items are always appreciated to round out the table and provide welcomed dishes not always seen on the table. Thanks to all who share in the potluck experience.

As everyone began to get filled up the Health Clinic brought out a great presentation on diabetes. Great because it is an important health topic for our community and because they involved most of the room in participation. They asked questions about the basics of diabetes and gave prize-drawing tickets for correct answers. A casting call went out for the rolls of red blood cells, insulin, sugar, fats and the largest audition of all was the dozen or more children for the roles of free-radicals. They took a complex subject and made it much easier to understand and all had a great time.


Another highlight of the evening was the celebration of April birthdays. Of special note was Randy Edmonds 83rd birthday. He is one of the founders and sustaining supporters of the Soaring Eagles program. Our Singers offered up a special birthday song in honor of the occasion. "And Many More!"

As the shawls, fans, sticks and bells come out its that time once again. All dancers into the circle. It's always good to have our older dancers in the circle. We dipped back into some pictures that hold a little history and enjoy looking back at dancers who still work on there moves and new steps. We look forward to them coming back again and will continue to bring out some of these pictures in future reviews.



We finished out the evening with a Round Dance. Smiles all around and good feelings. See you all at the next 'Doings'

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