Always Feels Good To Be At Soaring Eagles

The community gathering to kickoff the new location and program of the Soaring Eagles was filled with excitement and great feelings. As the families arrived there were hugs and smiles and a welcome feeling for all who came. These gatherings bring together not just dancers but other community organizations who provide support to all our Indian family. This was evident by all the preparation that had taken place in getting the location and spreading the word throughout the community. The Soaring Eagles were featured in the morning on KUSI TV and highlighted with three of our young dancers representing our program. What a great feeling to be a part of this and as always it's for our children.

Our Soaring Eagles founders,Vicki Gambala and Randy Edmonds, were happy to welcome everyone to the new location. Randy spoke of our continued sense of community and thanked everyone for coming. He shared our prayers to the Creator for us all. Then there was plenty to eat and enjoy.

We started the Dance Workshop part of the evening by introducing Moontee (Hopi, Tewa, Chcoctaw) who has shared the Hoop Dance across Indian Country and around the world. He said he was using sixteen hoops this evening but has used 60 or more in past performances. He also shared that this dance has another less known element of being a healing dance and each time the dancer steps in and out or through the hoop a day is added to the life of the person needing help. What a great start to the Workshop evening and sharing with us all. Aho! At the bottom of the review is a video clip. Enjoy!

Sonya started the dancing off with a Round dance for all. Everyone seemed eager to be up and dancing after the Hoop dance exhibition and smiles all around.

Each of our dance instructors, Sonya, Steve, and Kathy introduced themselves and gave a little background on their dance style. Each then led the group in the basics of that style. We had sticks, fans and shawls available and some dancers had brought their own. They all danced strong and from the heart. These teachers offer support and instruction on dance and regalia for all, beginners or champions.


We always encourage our young dancers to learn other dance styles and often, in time, dancers will have regalia and have come out in more than one style.

We all had a great time sharing and being together in our Indian community. As often happens, we had new families and individuals making their way to Soaring Eagles for the first time. Welcome! It makes us feel good in our hearts that the Soaring Eagles has the foundation and commitment of so many to be there and endure. Thanks again to all who helped make that possible and we hope to see you at the next Soaring Eagles Workshop.

Soaring Eagles meets every 2nd and 4th Thursday of the month from 6-8pm in the Santa Fe Rm - 2144 Pan American Rd. San Diego CA 92101 Easy to get to and lots of parking!

For more information call Melisa Aleman or Larry Edmonds @ 619-234-1352 E-Mail

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