Soaring Eagle Balboa Park Workshop

By Roy Cook and Vickie Gambala

With the sounds of, “when the Sun is falling and the night time is calling, I am feeling sad and blue. Because I am lonesome for you and the ways things used to be.” Soft sounds of the songs slipping into the canyons of Balboa Park. There is a beautiful group of Soaring Eagle children dancing tonight and the summer weather is cooler for dancing harder this evening. The Soaring Eagle youth program is all about the children and is held in the Pepper tree grove of Balboa Park. The Potluck dinner is followed by powwow dance practice until 8:30 pm closing.

This, July 31, 2013, night was shared by the AI Health clinic Community night presentation. Ozzie Monje attempted tunes on the standard and small flutes. Randy Edmonds shared his knowledge of the BIA relocation program in LA from the 1950s and SD during the 1970s.

Our resident elders, Randy Edmonds and Vicky Gambala are always available to share their experience and knowledge of POW wow protocol. They both agree on the need the need of each participant to demonstrate personal integrity. Additionally each youth or prospective dancer need to contact their Tribal elders, learn their tribal ways first and conduct themselves in a respectful manner.

Balboa Park Pepper Grove is located on Park Boulevard across from the Balboa Park Activity Center, just south of the Reuben H. Fleet Science Center. Take Hwy 163 South to Park Blvd Exit. Turn left at Park Blvd and park to the south of the RH Fleet Science Center. There is also limited on-street parking available as well.

AUG 10 & 11 Bayfront Pow wow at Marina View Park in Chula Vista, CA
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August 28 – Community Night & Soaring Eagles Powwow Workshop.

For more dance workshop information please call Vickie Gambala at 619 266-2887.

The Soaring Eagle youth program is all about the children. This quality of dedication was evident in the initiative, joy, pride of tribal identity and participation from beginning to end of the parents and children of the Soaring Eagles. For Soaring Eagle contact, presentations or information call Vickie Gambala at: 619-306-7318 / 619-266-2887 and

Thank you all for being there this summer evening for the Indian children. If we keep this in mind it will continue to be good, Mehan, abhoigeith-ahpi’i and Aho.