Soaring Eagle Summer

All were greeted to a cooler evening for our Soaring Eagle Workshop at Pepper Grove. As summer tapers off a bit, schedules adjust to school starting, summer travels 'back home' for visits or Pow wows finishing out the summer. This is all part of the traditions of our Soaring Eagle families. Lots of enthusiasms and smiles of those who came to dance and laugh and learn. After our blessing we had a selection of cold cuts and sandwich fixings, macaroni salad, fruit, chips, cookies and, and.... Great summer 'hands on' meal. Thanks to all who brought something to share.

Soaring Eagles Workshop has always been about our Indian children at its core. In that focus it has also encouraged the parents and the learning of our traditions through participation. As the young people have an opportunity to learn in the circle, so do the adults. This was emphasized as we began our practice this time and everyone seemed to respond and come into the circle.


For the many new families who have come to Soaring Eagles this year and others, enjoy a look back at a glimpse of earlier times in the Park to see this participation by all our dancers.


The light seemed to fade a little sooner but the smiles remained as we finished up with a round dance. We'll meet again next time in the Park to finish up our summer schedule. There are several local Gatherings posted on the calendar. Maybe we'll see you there.

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