Mid-Summer Community Night

Life is good and gathering the Soaring Eagle Community together on an evening in mid-summer is the best. It's always a blessing to the group when our Elders can be with us, as it was tonight. Randy and Vicki are part of the founders of the Soaring Eagle Program. They carry the traditions and experience in the Circle and of our Tribal Community. We were encouraged to know and learn our Tribal histories and traditions and where we come from. We were reminded of the 500+ tribes and over 300 languages and dialects spoken. It's always good to gather on Indian land and be together in this Traditional way. Randy offered the blessing for our meal of broiled chicken, salad, macaroni salad etc, etc. Elders first. Thanks to the Community Night organizers for our meal and the extra potluck dishes brought in.

Chamese led off the Community Night activity. Everyone was encouraged to join in as four groups made a circuit around to different stations with an exercise activity to complete before moving to the next station. Smiles and fun all around. The next was a couples Mirror activity. Copying the others movements as if their 'mirror'. So many new families sharing a good time with new friends. Thanks again to the organizers, SDAIH Clinic.

As dusk fell upon the circle we still had good sets of songs and practiced our moves in the circle. Sticks, hoops and bells and lots of eager dancers to take advantage of the warm pleasant evening. The Pow wow season gives us all many opportunities to gather together. This past weekend many Soaring Eagle dancers went to Tule River and several placed in the contests. Each time our youth gain confidence in themselves and where they come from. We all feel good knowing our traditions are being passed on.

We'll be back at the Pepper Grove location to gather and dance once again. As evening came we finished up with a Round Dance. Smiles all around and great memories of how it was in the summer at Soaring Eagles Community Night.

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