Summer Time - Indian Time - Indian Land

After the firecracker holiday we once again gathered in Pepper Grove for the Soaring Eagle Workshop. Summer is a time for gatherings all over Indian country. Our local reservations continue to host gatherings nearly every weekend throughout the summer. Many of our Soaring Eagle families have already traveled to events on the summer Pow wow Trail or have plans to do so. This last weekend the Unity Conference gathered Indian youth from all over the four directions. In brilliant regalia and happy smiles our performance group added to the entertainment package of the event.

Chuck brought the children to the center of the circle for a little time to learn and practice our traditional ways and help with the blessing of our meal.

After our meal it was smiles all around as we welcomed several new families to the circle. A long time friend of Chucks, Jim Warne, brought some of his family to join in the circle. You can learn more about Jim and his work for Tribal people at We also welcomed back families bringing their young ones to the group. Welcome All! Smiles all around again for Birthday celebrations and cake too!


The dancing this evening seemed truly inspired. Just introduced first time dancers chose sticks, hoops, shawls and fans, and as the songs came on the air they danced from the heart and made us proud and privileged to be together.

It is a constant delight to see our Indian Children dancing joyfully on the green grass of Mother Earth. Our Indian ways will continue to flourish and live as long as the songs of our Grandfathers live in their hearts. It grew too dark for pictures but you can still see it in your mind, the circle, the smiles, the memories of the closing Round Dance. See you next time.

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