Dancing From the Heart

What a great evening it was to gather at the Soaring Eagle Workshop. The evening was also special because our Elder from the LA area Manny Mendivil joined us. It's always great to see him and hope he makes it back for the Pow wow this weekend. We welcomed new families this evening as well. Chuck shared several announcements of up coming pow wows. Click the Calendar link at the bottom of the page. He gathered the kids together for the blessing. By the time 'Elders first' was called all the tables had filled and the line began stretching across the room. Great to see everyone.

All our Soaring Eagles practiced with a strong spirit this evening. Many of our older experienced dancers were with us to bring their enthusiasm to the circle and serve as mentors to our younger dancers working hard to develop their skills and knowledge of the dance tradition. We are all proud of them and they represent well at the pow wows and gatherings. Having seen them dance hard at the workshop adds to that pride when they're in the arena at the pow wow because they have shown us their heart and commitment to learning and living these traditions.

Our singers brought out some hot songs, and taking requests, to challenge the dancers and give a chance to practice moves for the exhibitions and competitions at the pow wows. When they dance from the heart we feel it in ours.


The dancers circled up for the Round Dance to finish the workshop. Officially? More songs and several dancers kept it going. Maybe as summer comes we'll call it the Twilight Session. Again a great time and the kids will remember how it was when they were young at Soaring Eagles. Hope to see everyone at Balboa Park Pow wow Sat. & Sun.

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