Soaring Eagles Finish a Busy Month

The Soaring Eagles finished out the month after two weekends of Pow wows. In the middle of the month we spent two great days at the traditional Kumeyaay village site that now goes by the name Balboa Park. It was a great weekend and gave our young dancers a chance to enter into the dance arena and really start the pow wow season off. Several of our Soaring Eagle Dancers were selected for Head Staff positions. This last weekend we again danced in the circle at another Kumeyaay site at UCSD. We appreciate the support of all our parents that work in support of our children's participation at these traditional Indian gatherings. It puts a smile on our faces and touches each of our hearts to see the next generation learning and carrying on these traditions.

We gathered for another Dance Workshop tonight and welcomed several new families. Some had heard about the Soaring Eagle program at the recent pow wows. They introduced themselves and we look forward to seeing them again. Elders always enrich the workshop with some coming from the Los Angeles - Pasadena area. We appreciate the support, wisdom and traditions that come from our Elders.


We are fortunate to have volunteers to share their dance and song experience and truly blessed to have children eager to have a good time doing Indian things. These immersions into traditional tribal culture and participation in public American Indian gatherings allow us to endure and remain a vital cultural, political, social, and moral presence in the San Diego region.

As the pictures show we celebrated several May birthdays with a cake and Round Dance / Birthday song.

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