Soaring Eagles Family Fills the Circle

This last gathering of April was a Community Night along with the Workshop. The strong turn out reminded us all of the spirit and strength of our Tribal community. Some twelve circle tables were filled around the room. Tonight's theme was "Circles of Care" and each table was to make a wish list of things to benefit the community. Each list was then presented and shared. Things like healthy living and families, diabetes education, gardening with traditional foods, traditional sports, truthfulness in relationships, crafts and regalia groups, and financial support for Soaring Eagles were just a few of the more than twelve different lists of wishes. Lots of good sharing of hope and ideas with the community.

Our blessing this evening was shared by Randy, and Johnny Hood helped with the 'wish list' presentation. It was good to see Vicki Gambala and family with us tonight, all some of our founding members of Soaring Eagles.


A thin stream of sweetgrass smoke drifted up around the drum and singers, preparation for these traditional songs to once again come amongst our Soaring Eagle dancers and their families. One singer had commented earlier that he didn't have much voice, maybe from a weekend of singing perhaps. As the smoke made its rounds it blessed the drum and was breathed in and blessed the singers. The blessing would be carried to the dancers and to all around the circle.

A close look shows air under the feet of these dancers. The songs can certainly lift our spirits and make us proud of our young ones learning our traditional ways.

The local Pow wow season is coming on strong with many upcoming dates both locally and in the greater SoCal area. A calendar and events link can be accessed through the SE Facebook page and our long time calendar at AmericanIndianSource.Com can be found here and another link at the bottom of the review.

Most everyone had headed home but the singers, remembering that some suggested having not much voice to start, kept going for four or five more songs. And some dancers were not too quick to leave either and all smiles too. Our next Soaring Eagles Workshop is May 9 at Ballard Center.

For more information regarding the SOARING EAGLES please contact:

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Jennifer Garcia 619-540-4688

Carla Tourville 619-743-9847

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