Soaring Eagles Dance Into Spring

The Soaring Eagle dance group and their parents and relatives opened up the Oklahoma University Women and Men Wellness Conference at the Town and Country in Mission Valley San Diego. Several of our young dancers are showing their moves for the first time at these presentations and so it is with spring - this time of renewal. We enjoyed the opportunity to express our culture and traditions.

On this March 25th evening the Soaring Eagle workshop is sharing with the American Indian Clinic the Community Night presentations. This evening it was exercise set to music. Not exactly Zumba but a good place to start. Seemed like everyone was up and moving and having a good time. That was the idea.

As we moved into the Workshop portion of our evening Randy Edmonds spoke to the recent passing of Roy Cook. Johnny Hood had prepared a photo display of pictures reflecting Roy's life for all to share. Some of the shots brought back memories of earlier times and ways we all knew and remembered Roy. Others were before a time most of us knew him - pictures of his youth or his time in service to us all as an Army Ranger in Special Forces. Roy was one of the founders of the Soaring Eagles program and his passing is felt deeply by all of us. We asked the Creator to continue to watch over him and care for him on his journey and be with the loved ones and friends he leaves behind. Again each spring we are reminded life begins anew each day and so we continue on together. We again focus on our children because they are our future.

On Community Nights our meal is hosted by the AIHC along with our usual potluck offerings. Tonight fried chicken, beans, and mac & cheese start off the table. These are followed by veggy trays and chips and many many more choices. We of course saved the donuts and sweet treats for later!

Many dancers are looking forward to the local pow wow spring season and along with the organization of school spring sports are busy. We are very glad to see them return and welcome many of the adults that are getting up and dancing with the children.

There are many Pow wow doings coming up in our San Diego community these next three months. Our Soaring Eagles are being selected for responsible Head staff positions at these events. We have watched the two year olds and others as they learn and grow up. The girls now have their shawls and the boys use the dance sticks and hoops to gesture their moves. Come to a local event and see for yourself.

We can't finish this review without the deserved recognition of our 'Do It All' guy Richard Orvedal. He was recognized by the Wellness Conference for his support and we join in saying 'Thank You' as well.


Now that we are in a spring venue perhaps we will see you at a future 2015 Soaring Eagle dance workshop:

April 8 - 29, May 6 – 27, June 10 – 24

Local pow wows are shuffling into place over the next five months. See: AISource Calendar

For more information regarding the SOARING EAGLES please contact:

Vickie Gambala 619-266-2887

Jennifer Garcia 619-540-4688

Carla Tourville 619-743-9847

The workshop also continues to encourage the continuity of our tribal cultures and is bound up in the wisdom lessons of traditional life. The wisdom of the traditional role of RESPECT was the theme of heartfelt lessons from tribal life. This month continues to be a good time to review dance regalia and adjust for growth or wear. In these times of health challenges and loss it is our constant spiritual message to pray for all my relations. May the Creator bless you all and your family, Mehan, Aho.