Soaring Eagles - A Good Evening for Dancing

With a break from the welcomed winter rains and getting closer to the end of winter and the Equinox, we gathered for our first of two Workshops in March. It was really good to see several families back to the workshop and were glad to see them doing well. This dance workshop's enthusiasm and quality is evident in the initiative, joy, pride of tribal identity and participation in the songs and dance practice. Perhaps with spring, some young dancers are coming into the circle for the first time. It's all good and we surely glimpse the future in these important moments.

The children came together to once again offer the blessing to start the evening and give thanks to our Creator. The line formed quickly after 'Elders first'. After everyone had gone through the fine table of dishes at least once Julie and Kathy from SCAIR's TUPE shared information about the program to the group. The Sacred Pipe TUPE Program provides fact-based, research-validated prevention education and smoking cessation services. The program also specifically focuses on messaging regarding the differences between traditional and ceremonial Native tobacco-use versus commercial tobacco-use. Click the link to find out more.

The songs and the drum wash over us and surround us in the traditions of Tribal people. Young dancers hurry to strap on bells and fold shawls in preparation. Most of the shawls are one size fits all so they need a little folding and adjustment for the younger dancers but this is all part of the experience. All are eager to dance!

Our veteran dance instructor, Chuck Cadotte gave the young men some guidance on technique and the history of the Sneak Up this evening. His introduction seemed to go a long way to prepare our enthusiastic dancers for the practice. Our young people are fortunate to learn these traditional ways from someone with his experience in the arena.


Parent's and friend's participation is very important to the social aspect of the program success. Remember to bring a potluck item or side dish for the Soaring Eagles dance workshop evening feast. It is our Traditional Indian way to practice hospitality and generosity when we invite all to attend an Indian gathering and share the meal with the whole community. San Diego Unified School District, SDUSD, Ballard Parent Center, 2375 Congress St. San Diego, CA 92110.

A Round Dance with smiles all around finished up our evening.
Local pow wows are shuffling into place over the next five months. See: AISource Calendar


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