Soaring Eagles Dance Out 2018

Our positive Soaring Eagle dance workshop elements were there for the benefit of the children last Wednesday night: Elders, Singers, dance mentors along with community announcements, food and folks ready to have a good time doing this thing for the children. This last month the Soaring Eagles were very active in sharing our Native American heritage with the rest of the San Diego region. Some days found our dancers doing two presentations in a single day. The dancers were all recognized for their participation in the many performances. We are very proud of the traditions they are carrying on. Our thanks to the families and community members for their continued support.

We're just a week away from the Winter Solstice and the evening comes quickly. Perhaps that encourages families to gather as we had a good turn out and even hot coffee this evening. After our blessing the line formed quickly for the fried chicken and stew along with a good stack of pizza choices.

Richard and Karin were in charge of the Workshop this evening and did an excellent job. As a slight change on the usual routine Richard called for some specialty songs that gave our dancers a chance to go beyond the basics and get some practice and skill at side step, double beat, sneek-up, and, and.

Several of our more experienced dancers were asked to mentor these dances for the others. They really did a fine job and their teaching and help was obvious. Aho. Thanks to Karin for the great shots of the evening.

We finished up with a Round Dance, smiles all around. As often the routine the 'after dance' saw some Chicken Dance songs for all comers. Even when dancers don't make it to the floor, they are watching and learning about the elements of the dance style and may also move a step closer to stepping into the circle.

One of our long time families were generous to bring in a large assortment of fancy shawl regalia sets. They have been lightly used but perfect for young dancers to get started with and proud to wear. If that matches a dancer in your family, ask around at the next gathering. Thanks for this fine example of generosity, one of the elements of our Traditional Ways. Aho

 For Soaring Eagle contact, presentations or information please call:

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Jennifer Garcia 619-540-4688
Carla Tourville 619-743-9847


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